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IamanOldSchoolgamer reviews Urban Rivals (WEB)

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IamanOldSchoolgamer said...

An online, web based "Collectable Card" Game. I put Collectable Card in quotations because, of course, there are no physical cards, and not alot of collecting. At least at first.

The Story: you are a new gang boss in Clint City, a thriving metropolis that is descending into anarchy due to gang warfare. You could help out by engaging in various civic actives, perhaps starting a youth choir in order to give the inner cities hope, but...really, what fun would that be?

Your Task: lead a growing collection of bizarre thugs, with a variety of special powers and stats, against other gangs to eventually stand on top of the heap and reign supreme!

Urban Rivals has two things going for it: character and advancement.

Character: The game is split up into various gangs of about 20-40 members, each of which have their own back story. So far, I've played with the Montana and Ghiest gangs, and looked over La Junta, The Freaks, The Bangers and The All Stars. So far, not one generic character or card among them. Instead of bullets, Ghiest cards shoot needles. You give your cards "Pillz" to power them up, and even the background of the fight scenes are cool locations within Clint City. Urban Rivals jumps off the web page and yells "Notice me, notice me!"

Advancement: Each card starts off at level 1 and has between 2-5 levels it can reach. Each level is a boost to stats, possibly a special ability and a newer, funkier picture. Nothing like seeing your mild manner woodsman turn into a vicious werebeast, or your mafioso upgrade to double action auto pistols. I spent hours online getting into "one more fight" in the hopes I could level up that one last card.

So, why didn't it get 5 stars?: Here's the rub: collecting cards. There are two ways to get cards in the game (three, if you count the bonus leader cards that are given to you as you level up). You either buy them with Clintz(in game money you earn after a fight) or buy packs of card with credits (which you pay real life money for). Clintz are spent in the market, where other players are selling their cards, which means supply and demand (ie all the cards I want are too expensive *pout*). So the game come down to this: who is willing to spend money to get packs to get more cards, or spent alot of time getting into alot of fights to get enough Clintz to buy the cards they want. Either way, you need to invest to get beyond casual play.

For the Attention Deficient: A fun online CCG with tons of character and lots to do. Expect to spent alot of time and/or money if you want to get into the top rankings.

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    Cartoon-like, fun
Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals (WEB)

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Wow, an extremely detailed review rife with piercing wit. ^^

I must say your statements here put my single-paragraph (if that) reviews to shame. Need I say this makes me want to try it as well?
If I have inspired at least one other GDNA member to write longer reviews, my work here is done.
The "it" actually referred to the game, but I think I should make my reviews a bit longer. Some people actually enjoy the snippet reviews too, though. Short and sweet certainly caters to the ADD crowd.
Look for Mr Quinn if you do decide to play. Maybe we'll start a clan. :)
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